A project of ALAP Architecture & Associates
Proudly developed by Future Ascent

NEO KIN is more than a new mixed-use, wood high rise. NEO KIN is an ecology where humans and more-than-humans can thrive. 

Complete with housing, coworking spaces, shops, habitat niches and an urban farm, neo kin answers to the needs of new residents and of the planet with joy. 

Using the Organic Affordable principle, NEO KIN is a trailblazing concept for resilient and solidary living together in the city.

Innovating preservation

We are using all the space we have to create a new habitat. And we are taking everyone with us.

To this day, most construction sites announce the loss of countless lives and of the vibrant ecology that takes over when we leave space unbuilt. NEO KIN invites all non-human species to co-habitate and to learn from each other.

Everything that is living in this area will continue to grow and thrive in NEO KIN. The rooftop of NEO KIN is an urban wild park, dedicated to the life of primroses, grasses, tansies, blackberries, robinias and maples. Integral to the Vertical Kinship concept, climbers such as blackberries and hops will also grow on the green façade. Our friends and wise councillors, many of these species also provide delicious and healing teas. 

The growth plan is based on the catalogue of species produced by ecologists who have visited this site over the years.

Affordable and resilient

At Neo Kin, we are learning from the species that we call our neighbours. The Neo Kin affordable housing concept is based on resilience– the wonder of urban ecologies that have survived all the latest events in our city. Natural innovation– working with, and not against, the forces of nature– and the Organic Solidarity principle guarantee a mixed use, mixed investment habitat at NEO KIN. 

Our affordable units are located in the middle and lower core of the building, so that they can receive water cycled through the top units without needing a pump– using only the force of gravity. Affordable units also enjoy the air filtered and cycled through regular units, and residents are not billed for the filtering of air. Finally, our resilient residents may optimise their radiation controller to spare energy and wear and tear, sinking their monthly cost even lower. 

This way, all our residents enjoy the safety of filtered air, radiation control, and nature-near water supply without paying more than they are cycling through their space. The cost of utilities at NEO KIN individually reflects the use of infrastructure– making sure that resilient residents are not paying more than they consume, and that our community of residents carries each other to secure life.

Tradition yields the future

Inspired by the agricultural activity started by locals on the vacant lot, NEO KIN will also include a vertical farm and terraces to grow potatoes, corn, and squash. The hops embellishing the Southwest façade will be cultivated and harvested in the finest European tradition. 

The vibrant new initiative Generation Green will care for the kin’s farm– and serve the yield right at the Wild at Heart restaurant on the ground floor of the building. This way, the kin and also the rest of the city can enjoy authentic European food with the shortest transportation route you can get. The pioneers who have lived in this lot have paved the way to the future of our cities, and we need to follow. At NEO KIN, food is produced and value aggregated right in the same address.

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